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Our Dracula site is a analytical breakdown of the story of Dracula. This site is the final project for 7 students for DIGIT 110 at Penn State Behrend. Using many different text analysis techniques our group decided to focus on the locations and technology discussed in Dracula.

During the course of this project, we have learned that Dracula, by Bram Stoker is written in a way that trick the mind to thinking its real. From the historical location embedded in the text to the way each chapter is written like pages from peoples' diaries. The author Bram Stoker used real locations as a basic for his story as a way to make the story seem real. Before, writing Dracula, Stoker spent years researching European folklore and stories of vampires. This knowledge makes Dracula more believable. Another noticeable thing in the book is the use of character description. Stoker help paint a picture of what characters like Dracula and Van Helsing look like, all while keeping the allusion of journal entries.

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Meet the Team:

Destinee Kellner:

Destinee Kellner is a Junior in Digit and will be graduating in Fall 2021. She hopes to work in marketing in the game industry or esports. She is an officer for GDC (Game Developers Club) and President of Anime Club on Penn State Behrends Campus. In her free time she plays video games, paints or scrolls down tiktok endlessly.

Anthony Vangeli:

Anthony Vangeli is a junior, majoring in Digit and minoring in game development, and will be graduating fall of 2021. He hopes he will be working in the Video Game industry helping to design and implement games. He's in the Anime club Game design club, and Berhend dnd club. In his free time he plays video games. watches anume, reads manga and light novels, watching TIKTOK, and listening to music on YouTube. His favorite genre is isekai.

Emily Levi:

Emily is a Junior DIGIT major. She is planning to go for a minor in game developmentand possibly psychology. Emily is vice president of Behrends gender and sexulity equality club (GASE). In her free time she plays video games or does craft related things.

Sebastian Ortiz:

Sebastian is a sophmore going for a Digit major. He spends most of his time playing games or pastime hobby of building model kits. His favorite tabletop game to play is Warhammer 40K, and his favorite type of video games are fighting games.

Ruby Trumer:

Ruby Trumer is a Junior at Penn State Behrend. Ruby is majoring in DIGIT with a minor in Game Development. Ruby is also the current head of Fighting Games for the Behrend Gaming Club.

Samuel Andrew:

Samuel Andrew is a Junior at Penn State Behrend. Sam is dual majoring in Digital Media, Arts, and Technology and Communications. round campus he is also involved in Behrend benefitting Thon serving as special events co-chair. Volleyball Club and Events chair of Behrend S.A.V.E

Cameron Bigi:

Cameron Bigi is a Junior at Penn State Behrend. Cameron is currently in the D.I.G.I.T major at his school. He is also a member of the video game club on campus and he has help organize numerous events at the school.

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Anthony Vangeli: apv5182@psu.edu